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Gravity Integrates brands & ideals into our lives

Gravity keeps our feet grounded, pulls us together, and allows us to move forward. Like gravity, the best tech seats us in the journey to reach our goals and be connected with people and organizations we care about. We work with companies large and small on ways they too can leverage technology and organizational change to Stay Grounded, Be Connected, and Make Gravity.

Gravity keeps our feet on the ground & moving forward

Too much brainpower gets burnt on formatting spreadsheets instead of answering the pertinent business questions. Train the Analysts to think like the Directors, and not give the Directors work of an Analyst. It is time to focus on innovation, and not forget about the processes which make us repeatedly great.

Gravity Creates an expectation of Connection

How we connect with our technology and software solutions often determines how well we connect with each other. The user truly has to be compelled to interact with new technology because it brings significant value to their workstream. And there is no time to waste.

Service Portfolio

Decision Analytics

Decision Analytics tells a story using data and context. It’s easy to get data, more complicated to get the right data at the time to the right decision maker.

System Innovation

System Innovation is achieved through identifying solutions that are fit-for-purpose and complement the business process. Maintaining a technologist skillset, Make Gravity is able to identify opportunities, recommend the ideal off-the-shelf or custom solution, implement, and innovate.

Data Integration

Data Integration is the difference between having a list of numbers or having a database of information. Systems are designed to generate data, and making sense of this data requires the context of business, human thought, and data from other systems.

Data Driven Culture & Training

Data Driven Culture & Training is a confidence boost in how action is taken throughout an organization. Debunk myths and opinion with hard facts. Dive deeper into the analysis that generates ROI quicker, without hesitation. Enable people to combine their experience with data to confidently take the next step forward.

How to Make Gravity

Make Gravity, LLC is based in Houston, Texas and provides Technology Consulting & Innovation Services such as:

  • Decison Analytics
  • System Innovation
  • Data Integration
  • Data Driven Culture

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